Tuesday 19 August 2014


The word "X” owes its origin to a Latin word, meaning “breeding ground” or “plant nursery,” which itself comes from the Latin word ____ , meaning “of seed.” What rather educative word?

Sunday 17 August 2014


Back in the 1950s, while filming a fire sequence for the movie X, the wind changed direction and Y was trapped in a raging blaze. Without a thought for his own life, Z, who played her wayward son Birju, dashed in with only a blanket to ward off the flames and carried her off to safety. Z ended up with painful burns and the love of his life, as within a year Y became Mrs Z. 

Sunday 11 May 2014


                                                              Id the blanked out parts. 

Monday 3 March 2014


At the 86th Oscars, Gravity won 7 Oscars without winning Best Picture, the second most in history after which film?
ID the film that the record-holder lost to.

Monday 27 January 2014


  We are proud to unveil our Facebook page "SJCE Grey Cells".

You will be able to stay updated on the latest calendar events, other upcoming fests, and of course loads of questions!


So Stay tuned! Thank you!

Sunday 15 December 2013


                                    Identify the place where this structure is present.

Friday 13 December 2013


"X" is a wonderful customized Boeing 757 owned by the band "Y", used to transport the band, 60 member crew and 12 tons of equipment as they tour the world. It’s named after Y’s infamous mascot “Z” and is piloted by "A". Identify X, Y, Z and A. 

Saturday 7 December 2013


With which particular "disorder" would you associate them. 

1. Roy Jenkins, British politician
2. Stephan Jenkins, singer/songwriter/musician
3. Shane MacGowan, singer 
4. Kele Okereke, lead singer of band Bloc Party
5. Jonathan Ross, British television personality
6. Joe Strummer, singer (The Clash)
7. Barbara Walters, television personality
8. Matthew Bellamy, lead singer of band Muse
9. Elmer Fudd - fictional character in Looney Tunes 

Tuesday 3 December 2013


What has been blanked out from the twitter snapshot? Put Funda.

Monday 2 December 2013


The mythic creation of X is addressed in the song snippet: 

"Prepare the patients scalp
To peel away
Metal caps his ears
He'll hear not what we say
Solid steel visor
Riveted across his eyes
Iron staples close his jaws
So no one hears his cries"

Y's mother used to say to him _____ when he was headbanging. "Don't do that or you'll _______  something up in there!" This then led to the expression "to _______ one's head" meaning head-bang. Identify X and Y.